Karan Manral

Karan Manral, a co-founder at Green Essentials, has been involved with kitchen gardening, organic farming and urban tree planting initiatives in Goa. With past stints in Technology Media, Communication and Marketing, he's been trying to make growing food more accessible for folks new to urban farming.

In addition to helping urban folks learn how to grow food organically, Karan has been a part of several initiatives to help farmers find better markets for their produce. He has worked closely with farmer's groups to help them find ways to improve farm income. The aim of these initiatives has been to create an alternative food system that better serves the needs and aspirations of the people who produce the food and consumers of the food too.

He's also managed small-scale organic farms in Goa and has been a part of organising farmer-centric events like the Organic World Congress 2017 and the Konkan Fruit Festival. Karan designs organic farms and coaches new farmers towards more sustainable growing practices.