Nipa Asharam

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Nipa Asharam spent 15 years in corporate world, extensively studied finance and marketing, developed skills in human behaviour and learned that actionable goals can get one almost anywhere. As a full time practicing life coach and wellness coach under the brand Eat.Breathe.Smile, Nipa Asharam has accomplished 5000+ hours of coaching.

She has published signature online masterclasses, launched her 4 homegrown superfood products which are doing wonders for individuals, spoken at TEDx on her 4 most powerful truths and also spoke at various corporates and organizations such as Unilever, Mahindra Electrics, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ypo, Panasonic, L.E.K Consulting to name a few.

All of the above in a span of 3 years! Nipa’s attempt is to build a platform for wellness and work with entrepreneurs and individuals across the globe to make an impact and achieve their true potential.