Nandita Iyer

Nandita Iyer is a self-taught celebrity chef, blogger and a published writer - who is also a doctor by profession, specialising in Medicine (Nutrition).

In 2005, she was back in Mumbai after a year of being a stay-at-home wife and Food TV addict in a small city in the US. She was working as a strategy planner in healthcare advertising. A passion for the written word since her school days and a love for cooking that started in her late 20s, both came together in her blog in 2006. It was a creative outlet and a sort of digital diary to record cooking experiments. On the side, she also freelanced as a writer.

Long hours and lack of work satisfaction prompted her to quit her job and focus on my freelance writing full-time. This further led to Nandita spending more time on pursuing her other two loves - cooking and blogging. She was always keen on learning more about nutrition, on which hardly any time was spent in her five-and-a-half years of medical studies and internship. Her time off gave her the opportunity to take an advanced course in nutrition.

Thirteen years hence, her blog has grown to be one of the best resources on healthy vegetarian recipes. Her book, 'The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian' (Hachette, 2017) is all about quick and easy recipes for a healthy lifestyle, served with a lot of straightforward practical advice on healthy cooking. Read more about my book here. My fortnightly column for Mint Lounge called Double Tested kicked off in Aug 2018.

In addition to helping people pursue a healthy lifestyle via her blog The Saffron Trail, she also conducts workshops on healthy cooking (salads, breads, healthy baking etc.) for individuals, groups and corporates.