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High Protein
Dals or Pulses are known to be one of the best sources of protein. Tata Sampann Dals are unpolished and do not undergo artificial polishing with water, oil or leather, thereby retaining their goodness and protein content 

BBM Disclaimer
*Based on scientific testing of pakoda samples; pakodas made from Tata Sampann Pakoda mix contained less oil compared to regularly used bhajji bonda mixes. 

*Based on Bhajji(Pakoda) samples tested internally for less oil absorption as compared to commonly available Besan .(For details, please refer to the back of pack. 

Masala Disclaimer
Tata Sampann Masalas have their natural oils intact.
Naturally Rich : based on internal samples tested for naturally volatile oil content.

*Images are for representational purposes.

Tata Salt

  1. Tata Salt contains requisite amount of Iodine.
  2. Iodine helps in mental development of children and prevents Iodine deficiency disorders in adults.

Tata Salt Lite

  1. Tata Salt Lite has been specially formulated to provide 15% lower sodium than ordinary salt. It is generally accepted that 15% lower sodium in diets may assist in management of high blood pressure.
  2. With Tata Salt Lite you need not compromise on the taste of your food. Use it like your regular cooking salt. Its consistent salt level ensures that you add life to your dishes every time.
  3. Tata Salt Lite contains requisite amount of Iodine. It is  generally accepted that Iodine helps in mental development of children and prevents Iodine deficiency disorders in adults.
  4. Those on Potassium restricted diet need to consult doctor before use.

Tata Salt Plus

  1. Tata Salt Plus, formulation provides 50% of Iron Recommended Dietary Allowances ( RDA) of daily intake requirement.#
  2. * Iron is generally known to prevent fatigue and helps stay active
  3. * Iron is generally known to help in the formation of red blood cells and prevention of anemia
  4. It is generally accepted that iodine helps in proper medical development of ** children and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults
  5. Tata Salt Plus, while providing Iron and Iodine benefit, ensures consistent saltiness thus adding taste and life to your recipe everytime
  6. Please Note: On usage of Tata Salt Plus ( containing Iron), darkening of food may be observed in some cases. However, the food is safe to be used. Please add salt at the end of preparation of such recipes to minimize darkening.