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Did you know?

Toor, also known as Arhar or Pigeon Peas, is the most popular Dal in Indian cusine.

Dal – The Quintessential Indian Comfort Food

For most Indians, home food is synonymous with dal chawal. However far one might travel, feasting on international cuisine, at the end of the day, the heart and soul crave a home-cooked meal comprising of a bowl of steaming hot, well-seasoned golden Dal with roti or rice. For most people, that much-desired bowl of dal is usually toor.

And it isn’t without reason that this has always been the ‘dal’ entire households could rely on. A no-fuss crop that can survive even in poor soil conditions or dry weather to a no-fuss dal that is quick to cook and amazing to taste. From a mere bowl of toor dal, one could unlock several nutrients – protein, dietary fibre and micro-nutrients. Indian bodybuilders, who have chosen the vegetarian way of life, rely heavily on this lentil for their protein intake.

It is not clear how Toor might have got its English name (Pigeon Pea) but its international journey began in India. Offered in restaurants as the yummy Dal Tadka or Dal Fry, every region has a uniquely delicious recipe for Toor. It is also the main ingredient in South Indian dishes like sambar and bisi bele bath.

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The Tata Sampann Advantage

Handpicked from the fields of Latur, Tata Sampann Toor Dal does not undergo any process of polishing with water, oil or leather, and hence the the integral nature of the Dal is maintained.

Tata Sampann Toor Dal has a moisture content (10%) lower than AGMARK standard (12%).This low-moisture content delivers more Toor Dal per kg in comparison to products with higher moisture content.

Our Toor Dal is graded and sorted to remove any discoloured grain, thereby offering the best quality grains.

Health Benefits of Toor Dal

  • High fibre content (dietary fibre contributes to normal bowel function)
  • High protein content (protein is an important building block for the body)
  • Keeps constipation problems in check

Nutrition Guru says:

Like its other dals, Tata Sampann Toor Dal goes through a 5-Step Protein Lock process.

  • Seeds of a better quality and variety
  • 99% Worm-free
  • Unpolished
  • Less moisture
  • SORTEXed



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