Tata Salt Plus - Ironing Out The Nation

Did you know?

Tata Salt Plus has been introduced as India’s first iron-fortified iodised salt.
Tata Salt Plus provides up to 50% of Recommended Daily Allowance of Iron.

Iron from Salt - a big plus

It is very common to find Indian mothers whipping up the most lip-smacking meals for the entire house, all at the drop of a hat. But how often have we wondered whether our diets are ensuring total protection against nutritional deficiencies? Now, while Indian traditional recipes have been crafted holding nutrition and health in the highest regard, one can’t ignore the fact that Indian diets have been reported to possess low levels of iron. It's those very mothers, and Indian women at large, who tend to be the most affected by iron deficiency in their diet. As per the National Family Health Survey 2015–2016, about 53% of Indian women suffered from iron-deficient anemia (IDA).

For households that follow vegetarian diets, using an iron-enriched salt, like Tata Salt Plus, becomes a good way to tackle anemia. . It mainly helps in the formation of a protein called haemoglobin in the blood which carries oxygen to various parts of the body, thus giving it vital energy. Deficiency of this iron leads to a deficiency of haemoglobin that eventually leads to Iron-deficient Anemia (IDA).

Tata Salt Plus - Ironing Out The Nation

The Tata Salt Plus Advantage

To address the rising concern of iron-deficient anemia in India, Tata Salt Plus was introduced as India’s first iron-fortified iodised salt that provides up to 50% of Recommended Daily Allowance of Iron. Tata Salt Plus goes through a two-step blending process which fortifies the salt with iron and iodine that not only imparts taste and flavour to any dish but also ensures that The right amount of nutrients are supplied to it.

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The following tests can help you detect adulterants in salt:

Differentiation of common salt from iodised salt
Presence of chalk in salt
step 1 1.
Cut a piece of potato, add salt and wait for a minute.
step 2 2.
Add two drops of lemon juice.
step 3 3.
If it is iodised salt, blue colour will develop.
step 4 4.
In the case of common salt, there will be no blue colour
step 1 1.
Stir a spoonful of sample of salt in a glass of water.
step 2 2.
If adulterated with chalk, the solution will turn white.