TATA SALT Desh Ka Namak

Did you know?

Tata Salt holds the distinction of being India’s first national branded iodised salt.
Tata Salt was one of the first to use the Vacuum Evaporation technology.

Table salt, iodine and the nation

For years now, it has become commonplace with Indian households to purchase table salt with potent iodine content. That would be because the cultivable land of this sub-continent is low on iodine, on account of rampant ecological abuse and changing environmental conditions. This has further resulted in lower iodine levels found in livestock and vegetation dependent on this soil that further makes it difficult for humans to access iodine.

And as far as we know, iodine deficiency has multiple adverse effects on growth and development in animals and humans, collectively termed as Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD). A foetus or a newborn not exposed to enough thyroid hormone, may suffer from permanent mental retardation, even if it survives. It has also resulted in low birth weights and decreased child survival.

TATA SALT Desh Ka Namak

The Tata Salt Advantage

Tata Salt has been known as the pioneer of ‘iodised salt’ in India. Being the nation’s first branded iodised salt, it stood as a beacon of purity in a market of unbranded salt variants. With its Vacuum Evaporation technology, it provided consumers a healthier, hygienic alternative - a salt untouched by hand.

Moreover, Tata Salt ensures that it carries the right amount of iodine, vital for physical and mental growth and development.

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The following tests can help you detect adulterants in salt.

Differentiation of common salt from iodised salt
Presence of chalk in salt
step 1 1.
Cut a piece of potato, add salt and wait for a minute.
step 2 2.
Add two drops of lemon juice.
step 3 3.
If it is iodised salt, blue colour will develop.
step 4 4.
In the case of common salt, there will be no blue colour
step 1 1.
Stir a spoonful of sample of salt in a glass of water.
step 2 2.
If adulterated with chalk, the solution will turn white.



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