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Did you know?

Tata Sampann Organic Dals have been National Organic Program (USDA)-certified.
No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used on the farms these are sourced from.
Tata Sampann Organic Dals are unpolished and an important source of protein.

Dals: Taking the organic route

With people nowadays growing more and more conscious of what they eat and where is that food coming from, the response for organic foods is on the rise. Easily available these days, compared to the situation a few years ago, foods grown through organic farming methods are produced without the use of chemical fertilizers and/or pesticides.

They are farmed using natural methods be it irrigation or fertilizers and are hand-milled. These sustainable practices keep the soil healthy which result in making the produce more nutritious. Organic farming, furthermore, helps combat soil erosion, encourages biodiversity as well as helps conserve water resources, which indirectly benefits people, too.

Organic pulses, then, serve as more potent sources of nutrients, especially protein. It comes as a boon for vegetarians seeking to increase protein content in their diets.

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The Tata Sampann Advantage

Tata Sampann Organic Dals are certified as per the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP), India as well as National Organic Program (NOP USDA), USA. To maintain the highest of food safety standards; these dals are sourced from organic certified farms where no chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used for a minimum of 3 years prior.

Our dals are unpolished, to retain their natural taste and nutritional value. As they do not undergo artificial polishing, they also contain far less moisture, thus surpassing even AGMARK certification standards. These are SORTEXed and scientifically packed in a hygienic facility to ensure uniformity and purity.

Rest assured, Tata Sampann Organic Dals, when cooked, will fill your home with their earthy aroma and satiate you with their natural flavour and nutrients.

Health Benefits of Organic Dals

Since the nutritional value of Organic Dals is completely retained, you get a host of benefits on consuming the organic variety versus the processed ones.

  • Higher level of nutrients in organic pulses
  • Source of healthy fats & high soluble fibre, which promote heart health
  • Reduction in acidity and digestive ailments
  • Assistance in your weight loss as they help with digestion
  • Vitamin and mineral rich Organic Dals promote a healthy nervous system
  • Powerhouse of protein, boon for vegetarians

Nutrition Guru says:

The best way to see the difference between organic and non-organic dals is to cook and try some for taste. But you can also conduct the below tests to check the absence of chemicals and polishing.

Unpolished Test
Metanil Yellow and Lead Chromate Test
step 1 1.
Add the same amount of water in two similar sized containers
step 2 2.
Add a cup of your regular dal to one container, and add an Organic Dal to another container.
step 3 3.
Leave them on low heat for some time.
step 4 4.
The Organic Dal cooks much faster and absorbs water more easily.
step 1 1.
Add a few drops of concentrated HCL to 5ml of water and 5gm of dal.
step 2 2.
Immediate appearance of pink colour indicates adulteration.