Basmati Rice

Did you know?

The Great Wall of China has rice as one of its building materials.
Rice is one of the oldest known foods, historians have found its use dating back to 5000 B.C
Except Antarctica, rice is grown on every continent.
Asia consumes 90% of the world’s rice.

The Intelligent Kind of Rice

An essential part of every Indian’s diet, the Basmati is aptly known as the queen of rice. One can’t imagine the pulaos and the biryanis this land has to offer connoisseurs without this aromatic rice variant. India is. thus, rightfully, known as one of the largest producers and exporters of this variety of rice.

However, traditionally, Indians are accustomed to eating white basmati rice. It must be known that no rice is originally white in colour. It is a result of the refining and polishing processes the grains have to go through. A grain of rice, normally, contains three layers of outer fibre known as bran, the nutrient-rich core called germ and the endosperm.

During the polishing process, the bran and the germ layers, which are the nutrient-rich parts of rice, are removed, leaving just the endosperm, which is devoid of all the essential nutrients.

But, with Tata Sampann Basmati Rice (with bran), one can hope to enjoy the most delicious of biryanis while not missing out on the health benefits that the ‘intelligent’ rice has to offer.

basamati rice

The Tata Sampann Advantage

While your regular variety of basmati rice undergoes 5-6 rounds of polishing, removing most of the essential nutrients from the rice, the Tata Sampann Basmati Rice with Bran undergoes only 2 rounds of polishing maintaining the nutritional value.

Our rice is parboiled, transferring the nutrients from the outer layer to the kernel.

Tata Sampann Basmati Rice with Bran contains natural γ-Oryzanol, which is a source of micro-nutrients such as dietary Zinc and Phosphorus. High in aroma, the product is a 1121-Variety 2nd Pass Basmati Rice.

Health Benefits of Basmati Rice with Bran

  • Basmati rice with bran has a lower glycaemic index of 52 than other white rice (64).
  • Rich in fibre, it inhibits the absorption of fat.
  • It contains amylose that keeps you full and prevents over eating.
  • Bran, a rich source of vitamin B, is essential in converting carbohydrates into glucose.
  • It helps regulate the nervous system.
  • It contains cholesterol lowering effects.
  • It protects against cardiovascular diseases.
  • It acts as an antioxidant.

Nutrition Guru says:

Basmati rice with bran may be adulterated with dye for the brown appearance or unwanted matter for extra weight. This can be checked with the help of purity tests in the following manner:

Detection of unwanted matter
Detection of added colour in Basmati Rice with Bran
Detection-of-unwanted-matter_Step_1 1.
Collect a small quantity of sample on a glass plate.
Detection-of-unwanted-matter_Step_2 2.
Visually examine the impurities.
Detection-of-unwanted-matter_Step_3 3.
Pure rice grains will not have dust, pebble, stone, straw, weed seeds, insects or rodent hair.
Detection-of-added-colour-in-Basmati-Rice-with-Bran_Step_1 1.
Take water in a transparent glass.
Detection-of-added-colour-in-Basmati-Rice-with-Bran_Step_2 2.
Add two teaspoons of rice grains and mix thoroughly.
Detection-of-added-colour-in-Basmati-Rice-with-Bran_Step_3 3.
Check for change in water’s colour.
Detection-of-added-colour-in-Basmati-Rice-with-Bran_Step_4 4.
If impure, the colour will start to turn brown in colour.



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