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Did you know?

• Tata Nx Energy Protein contains Fossence – a Prebiotic that improves gut health

Why Whey?

No, whey protein isn’t something that is just consumed by bodybuilders and gymming enthusiasts. Whey is a natural form of protein prepared from the watery portion of milk, and can be added to your foods, shakes, etc. to increase your dietary protein intake. However, lactose-intolerant people should consult a medical practitioner before going ahead with its consumption.

Whey protein is good for muscle building, since it is loaded with all essential amino acids – especially leucine and cysteine, known for their growth-promoting properties in the human body.

Moreover, there’s nothing like a whey protein boost to jumpstart your mornings! Aiding you in your workout routines, yoga or your jogs, it is absorbed faster by the body than any other form of protein. Whey protein also is known to replace other sources of calories when included in your diet, thus, helping your body remain sated, further promoting weight loss.


The Tata Nx Advantage

Tata Nx Energy Protein is a whey protein concentrate geared towards bringing out a better, fitter and a happier you. Energy Protein is made from 100% whey protein, easy to digest and easy to absorb. One of its key components is Fossence, a Prebiotic and a dietary fibre which improves gut health by promoting growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Its 100% Bio-Easy mechanism helps the digestive system absorb and assimilate nutrition optimally from the ingredients of the products.

It is available in two flavours – Choco Swirl and Vanilla Cookie Flavoured Mix.

Health Benefits of Energy Protein

  • Builds muscle
  • May improve digestive system
  • May reduce stress and depression
  • May promote weight loss

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