Did you know?

Pure Besan can be used as a food staple for gluten-intolerant individuals.
Mixed with an equal amount of water, Besan can be used as a substitute to eggs in Vegan cooking.

The Gluten-Free Star of Indian Cuisine

Bengal gram (Chana Dal) flour is one of the most ancient flours used in India. It finds prominent mention in ancient texts as part of a wholesome, balanced meal.

Indian cuisine uses Besan in two forms. Namely, coarse texture, or gargara, for dishes that require a granular and crunchy consistency, prepared from coarsely ground Besan. This includes fritters, bhajiyas, sweets, etc. And then comes fine texture, for dishes that require a free-flowing smooth consistency, prepared from Fine Besan. E.g. dhokla, savouries, kadhi, etc. Usage of coarse gram flour is not recommended here as the texture of the food preparation is affected.

Additionally, gram flour incorporates a multitude of tastes and flavours. Therefore, it is one of the most important ingredients utilized in Indian cooking.

Besan Flour Nutrition

The Tata Sampann Advantage

Tata Sampann produces two varieties of Besan - Gargara Besan and Fine Besan. Both are prepared from 100% unpolished chana dal, retaining its nutritive properties. Tata Sampann sources the finest quality Bengal gram and adheres to a 5-Step Purity process for proper maintenance of quality standards and purity of product. These steps are followed at every stage of production, from cleaning to packaging.

Our Besan uses Chana Dal that’s ground to the extent that the resultant particle size absorbs more water. As a result, the batter absorbs less oil overall (minimized by 16%). This results in not only healthier snacks, but more quantity of besan delicacies made from the same amount of the product.

Health Benefits of Besan

Gram flour is prepared from ground Bengal gram or Chana Dal. Pure Besan possesses the same nutritional value as whole Bengal gram. Besan’s health benefits include:

  • Rich in protein (22g in 100g); essential for the maintenance of tissues.
  • Aids in metabolism
  • Helps manage of levels of blood glucose
  • Rich in carbohydrates (58g in 100g)
  • Rich source of B-vitamins; which helps maintain the functioning of the nervous system
  • Helps maintain the digestive system
  • Prevents anaemia; increases production of red blood cells
  • Helps in maintenance of bones and preventing anxiety
  • Has antioxidant properties
  • Helps the absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract

Nutrition Guru says:

Adulterants that are more likely to be present in Besan are artificial colouring (metanil yellow) and lathyrus flour. These toxic components affect the nervous system, resulting in degeneration of neurons. Its presence can be tested in the following ways:

Artificial colouring (metanil yellow)
Lathyrus flour
step 1 1.
Take half a spoon of besan
step 2 2.
Add a small quantity of alcohol to it
step 3 3.
Shake the mixture
step 4 4.
Add a few drops of hydrochloric acid
step 5 5.
If pink colour appears, metanil yellow is present
step 1 1.
Take 10 grams of Bengal gram flour
step 2 2.
Add 50 millilitres of hydrochloric acid
step 3 3.
Boil for 10 to 15 minutes
step 4 4.
If pink colour appears, lathyrus flour is present



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