Dal – A Perfect Addition To Every Diet

Lentils or dals are one of the most nutrient-packed and the most adaptable plant-based form of protein. Belonging to the legume family, they are comparatively low in fat, full of proteins and fibre. Dals also provide calcium, iron, and vitamin B-complex.

As a versatile ingredient, lentils are awesome in traditional dishes like dals, stews, curries and soups, but also tasty when integrated into burgers, parathas, sauces, and casseroles.

Lentils are ideal for anyone and everyone! Let’s discover the amazing benefits of dals and how they can be easily incorporated into practically every kind of diet.

Lentils are ideal for anyone and everyone!

Weight loss diet - Boosts Metabolism

Lentils are good for those trying to lose weight. Loaded with fibre and packed with protein, dals are undeniably an optimal choice for the calorie-conscious. It helps manage your weight and can prevent drastic fluctuations in your weight. The fibre as well as the protein keeps you full for long intervals of time and has a positive effect on your basal metabolic rate, thus firing up fat-burning.

High protein diet - Muscle Building

Muscles need a constant supply of protein for repair and growth. Lentils have essential amino acids and zinc that are necessary for muscle-building and body contouring. Thus, including a bowl of dal post workout is a good idea for those looking for good body definition.

Diabetic diet - Manages Diabetes

Dals are a boon for the diabetics. Fibre found in lentils helps stabilize blood sugar levels and works towards ensuring that the blood sugar level does not fluctuate radically. The fibre slows down the rate at which food is absorbed by the blood and consequently helps maintain the sugar levels.

Diet for GI discomfort - Improves Digestion

Those having a weak gastrointestinal system can benefit from consuming dals. Chockfull of dietary fibre, they improve digestion if consumed regularly. They ease bowel movements and prevent constipation. Given the reputation that legumes have of causing flatulence, if they are soaked for 3 to 4 hours and are cooked well, you can avoid the side effects!

Diet for the hypertensive - Heart Health

Dals, with their fibre and protein and negligible fat content, are good for heart health. Dals also have potassium and magnesium, both of which help relax cardiovascular muscles and can help bring down blood pressure levels. What’s more, lentils provide lots of antioxidants which may diminish the risk of developing atherosclerosis (plaque build-up in arteries). Thus, dals can be a helpful addition to the diet of those suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol levels as well as heart disorders.

Dal is a staple in every Indian household. They are super versatile and can adapt to every recipe. They also have a fairly long shelf life, making them a wonderful produce to add to your pantry. When buying dals, ensure that you always opt for unpolished produce. Choose Tata Sampann dals as they are unpolished and retain all nutrients.


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This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U Shah


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