Beat Obesity With These Pulses

More often than not, a weight loss plan imposes a whole lot of curtailments and restrictions. You have to get rid of scores of foods from your pantry to stay true to your health goals. To make healthy eating easier, legumes (or beans or pulses) have emerged as the new power-food which proffer countless health benefits, some of them being contribution to weight loss and weight management.

Eating pulses will help you in your weight loss efforts without being too limiting on your calorie intake. The protein overload, along with the generous dose of fibre in pulses keeps hunger pangs away, increase satiation and don’t reach out for the forbidden food. All of these benefits of pulses, consequently contribute to your weight-loss efforts

Best pulses for weight loss

Best pulses for weight loss

While the nutrition profile of each legume differs marginally, you cannot go wrong with any of them when you're trying to satisfy your daily nutritional requirements. The common nutritional benefits of all pulses are:

  • They are a good source of protein, which ignites metabolism, builds muscle and can help in weight reduction.
  • They provide cholesterol-lowering fibre, which supports good cardiac health and ensures that the blood sugar levels do not rise too quickly.
  • The fibre present in the legumes boosts GI functioning and improves digestion.
  • They are full of potassium, zinc, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B complex as well as potent antioxidants.
  • Pulses have a lot of satiety value, they keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Importantly, clinical studies reveal that a diet full of pulses and legumes prevents can help prevent weight gain after you have shed it. As a rule, the focal point of all diet policies is eliminating a lot of foods to attain the right calorie balance. Thus, when it comes to weight loss, pulses are a clear winner!

Here’s a list of the traditional legumes that are already a part of the Indian pantry and need to be catapulted into the daily menu:

  • Moong
  • Chole (Chickpeas)
  • Rajma (Kidney beans)
  • Toor dal, moong dal, masoor dal, urad dal, chana dal (lentils)
  • Moth or matki beans
Eat more beans to lose weight

Eat more beans to lose weight – don’t shun them!

It is exceedingly vital that you integrate plenty of pulses into your weight loss regimen. If you have been giving pulses the wide berth, you are missing out on their wonderful health benefits. Many people avoid eating beans and lentils as they can cause gas. You can avoid this by ensuring that you soak the pulses well and pressure-cook them appropriately. Furthermore, washing them after they’ve been cooked also helps. With the right seasoning and spices, you can cut back on any potential digestive trouble that beans can cause.

The most important factor while including pulses in your diet is making sure that they are unpolished with all the natural goodness intact. Try Tata Sampann pulses as they are hygienically packaged, unpolished, and without any adulteration.


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This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah


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