An Ideal Diet For High Blood Pressure Patients

Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
29 October 2020

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension and have been researching about what guidelines you ought to be following, you must know that your diet plays a very pivotal role in effectively managing the disorder. For the successful management of high blood pressure, you need to eliminate all the unhealthy foods that could aggravate your condition, as well as integrate more of those specific foods which help bring down blood pressure levels – a dedicated high blood pressure diet. Besides, remember that in order to get your blood pressure level within the normal range, you do not have to eat a dreary diet!

Let’s dissect and understand hypertension!

High Blood Pressure Diet

Hypertension develops when the blood that is moving to and from the heart exerts too much pressure onto the arteries. Blood pressure that is greater than 110/70 mm Hg is termed as hypertension. Having high blood pressure greatly raises your risk of developing heart attack and stroke and can have other dangerous ramifications too.

Important triggering and causative factors for the development of high blood pressure are – a genetic predilection, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, not exercising, smoking, alcohol, a poor diet and advancing age.

5 foods that can help lower blood pressure levels

It is very essential that you do away with processed and greasy foods to manage your high blood pressure well. These foods have a big say in the development of hypertension; so steer clear of them. What’s more, stock up on these 5 heart-happy foods, they substantially boost your cardiac health.

1. Mango: The mango is a fantastic source of fibre and is loaded with beta-carotene; and both these help bring down blood pressure levels. Indeed, when your diet is packed with foods that are brimming over with fibre and beta-carotene, you can reduce your blood pressure very quickly. So, have a chilled mango smoothie or blend the fruits to make a delicious sorbet that's ideal for the scorching summer days!

2. Capscium or Bell pepper: Crammed of vitamin C, the bell pepper promises to enhance cardiac function and bring down blood pressure levels in hypertensive individuals. In fact, research has demonstrated that when a hypertensive person consumes plenty of capsicum, his blood pressure can decrease by 5 mm Hg, thus making the bell pepper a very important addition to your meal plan!

3. Apple: How to Lower High BPThe apple is one of the best foods for high B.P. and proffers loads of heart-friendly fibre which helps diminish high blood pressure levels effectively. In addition to the fibre, you will also benefit from a massive hit of quercetin, a super powerful anti-oxidant that fights free radical damage and is a very effectual natural anti-hypertensive!

4. Dals or Lentils: Consuming a bowlful of dal daily, guarantees to reduce blood pressure levels appreciably. Dals get your B.P. into the normal range, whilst at the same time keeping you fuller for longer, managing your weight well and ensuring that you do not reach out for foods that cause your blood pressure to hike. Try unpolished dals from the Tata Sampann range to get nutritional benefits from your ingredients.

5. Alsi or Flax seeds: Flax seeds most definitely should be a part of your high blood pressure diet. An incredible source of heart-healthy fibre and omega 3 fatty acids, the alsi boosts cardiac health and perks up the working of the circulatory system. Clinical trials have shown that hypertensive individuals who added flax seeds in to their diet saw a dip in their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. So, stir in some powdered flax seeds into your bowl of porridge or smoothie – and it is a huge step towards lessening your blood pressure level!

3 yummy dishes that are recommended for hypertensive individuals

A sensible (high blood pressure) diet plan can go a really long way in helping you keep your blood pressure at a healthy level. Check out these fabulous recipes!

• Dal dhokli: Immune Boosting FoodsThis simple, but filling main gets its goodness from the toor dal! Toor dal is a heart-friendly lentil which helps manage your blood pressure well. It is packed with plenty of fibre which protects the heart and also boosts satiety, keeping you fuller for a protracted period of time. Maximize the flavour and health quotient by adding lots of methi seeds, coriander and lime to the dumplings.

• Vegetable curry: The curry paste is an awesome blend of garlic, ginger, pepper, chilli and coriander – all of which are heart-happy. The tomato forms the gravy and is another superhero which helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. The tomato is jam-packed with vitamin C, quercetin, and lycopene; all these are linked to a significant reduction in the B.P. Conversely, do not get your tomato-fix from ketchup - the salt and sugar in it will cause the blood pressure to sky-rocket.

• Chocolate mousse: It might be decadent, but dark chocolate is brimming over with flavanoids which can lower the blood pressure value. However, ensure that you select real dark chocolate. Skip chocolate that’s high in sugar as it has been associated with high B.P.

Virtually half of the world’s adults have hypertension, and some don’t even know it, given that most of the time, there aren't any apparent manifestations. Neglected and untreated hypertension can have awful consequences. It is crucial that you get rid of the culprits from your diet and incorporate all the right foods. Alongside, squeeze in some time for regular workout as well. You need to adopt a proactive attitude to keep your blood pressure under control.



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