4 Foods to avoid if you’re trying to Lose Weight

03 July, 2019

There are many foods which are masquerading as ‘healthier’ alternatives. Many of these food items have ingredients or additives that are unhealthy and they can hamper your weight loss efforts. To stay on track on this arduous weight-loss journey, it is important to recognise ingredients that can lead to weight gain. Here’s a handy list:

Granola & Breakfast Cereals

Granola & Breakfast Cereals

Often seen as a healthy alternative to traditional Indian breakfast, granola and most other breakfast cereals are high on calories and contain some sort of sweetener such as sugar, honey or golden syrup. Additionally, they also have oil or butter and dried fruits and nuts as an ingredient. Though fruits and nuts have many nutrients, excessive consumption may lead to weight gain as they contain natural sugar and are high on fats which increase their caloric value.

fruit juices nutrikorner

Fruit Juices

Most fruit juices bought at a store, juice centre or a restaurant, contain either added sugar or water, compromising its nutritional value. Packaged fruit juices, even the ones without sugar, eliminate all the natural fibre that makes you feel full, turning the juice into empty calories. Fruit juices are also high on fructose levels (natural sugar), which reduces your body’s ability to recognize when its full, leading to weight gain due to overconsumption.

High Sodium Add Ons

High Sodium Add-ons

While you may be choosing healthier alternatives such as salads and ghar ka khana, add-ons and condiments such as sauces, salad dressings, pickles, papad etc. can hamper your weight loss attempts. Such foods use sodium, salt or sugar, as preservatives. This can lead to weight gain due to water retention in the body.

Refined and Processed Ingredients

The drawbacks of processed and refined foods are well-known. These foods have high amounts of sugar, refined carbohydrates, sodium and fructose. Additionally, refined and processed foods have low amounts of macro nutrients and fibre. Though you may be avoiding junk and processed food on the whole, it is important to read labels to avoid food grains, pulses and legumes that have been processed as well. As they are processed heavily, they lose their natural nutrients by the time the reach your table. Even while buying flour and mixes, ensure that you choose products which have gone through the least amount of refining.

To make your weight loss journey more rewarding, replace these food items with less refined, unpolished pulses, lentils and whole grains which are beneficial for weight loss. Follow these tips and gain health while losing weight.

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